My BIG Year: an Introduction

Hello there!

A while ago, I promised to write more about my experiences of The BIG Year. The class of 2011 began two months ago and already our number has grown to twenty students! It’s been a real joy getting to share more of my life with a select few, representing a wide range of demographics and backgrounds. Were all united in our shared desire to know more about God.

We receive in depth teaching, mentoring and wisdom from the wonderful people responsible for leading River Church. I’m discovering more about myself each week. On Saturday we spent the day at Llanelli in Wales. We began at the Antioch Centre, where we were introduced to their ministries in the community. I’d love to spend more time there.

Afterwoods, we drove to Moriah Chapel, where we were made welcome by a very kind and knowledgeable elder of the church. I would gladly mention this lady by name, if I knew how to spell – my apologies. It’s hard to think of a man more committed than Evan Roberts. A minor who can find time to pray and lead an active life in the community.


Darren in the Pulpit
Darren in the Pulpit
A photo of Darren standing in the pulpit of Moriah Chapel, Wales; home church of Evan Roberts and the birth place of the 1904 Welsh Revival.

This was a very profound experience for me. Life is such a precious gift. I may share more of my thoughts in the future, but that’s all for now. Thank you for reading!